GFRIEND’s Umji Left Sowon Completely Confused After Referencing A Kids’ Joke

Sowon had no idea what Umji was talking about:

GFRIEND‘s oldest and youngest members are only 3 years apart in age, and while 3 years may not seem like a big age gap, Sowon and Umji were feeling it all thanks to one single joke reference.

While showcasing their “Apple” bling in a segment of G-ING, Umji decided to have some fun with her unnie by launching a “reflection attack” on her. And Sowon responded by sending it right back.

Hearing Sowon’s counter, Umji couldn’t help commenting, “The end of the joke used to be ‘I’ll be back’ when we were kids.”

Umji’s observation, however, left Sowon absolutely confused. She had absolutely no idea what Umji was talking about!

Maybe that wasn’t for your generation…

— Umji

Although that joke may have been lost in their age gap, Sowon quickly bridged the gap by making her own joke reference…one that Umji knew all too well from using it when she was a trainee!

Sowon: Kids used to say ‘But!’ and another kid would say ‘But-ter!’

Umji: Yeah! I used to say that joke all the time when I was a trainee!


And after settling the age gap, they went right back to joking around and even pulling a few other pranks as well!

Watch the exact moment Umji utterly confused Sowon with her joke and more in the video below: