Yerin Looked Like She Stepped Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale In GFRIEND’s Comeback Trailer

All hail princess Yerin πŸ‘‘

As GFRIEND gear up to make their highly-anticipated return with ε›ž: Song of the Sirens, they’ve been dropping all sorts of amazing teasers that have BUDDY putting on their detective caps and discussing different comeback theories.

Among the most recent jaw-dropping teasers was a cinematic storybook-inspired trailer titled “A Tale of the Glass Bead: Butterfly Effect”. And while BUDDY are blown away by the entire video, there’s been one particular part that has been capturing a lot of attention especially since GFRIEND released the behind video for the trailer!

While all the members look absolutely stunning wearing clothing from different time periods in the video, Yerin has been causing hearts to flutter with her seriously royal vibes.

Dressed in a soft yellow ball gown, Yerin looked like she stepped straight from a fairy tale!

Although BUDDY have already seen Yerin transform into a Disney princess, seeing her in the new gown with her visuals shining bright had fans more convinced than ever that she was a real-life princess!

And really who would disagree? She’s absolutely a stunning princess!

Since the teaser dropped fans have been feeling the effects of princess Yerin and can’t wait to see what other surprises GFRIEND have in store for them this comeback.

GFRIEND’sΒ ε›ž: Song of the SirensΒ is set to be released on July 13. Check out the fullΒ “A Tale of the Glass Bead: Butterfly Effect” teaser as well as the behind video below: