GFRIEND’s Yuju Comforts Insecure Fan With Absolute Wit and Grace

The fan was ashamed of the large mole on her face.

In hard times, just a few words of comfort make all the difference, and as such, GFRIEND‘s Yuju is currently receiving praise for how she handled a fan’s insecurity with absolute wit and grace.

One fan recently vented about their worries to GFRIEND on Weverse.

She vented that she’s embarrassed because of a very large mole on her face.

Unnie, there’s a large mole on my face and it makes me really embarrassed. I have no self-confidence because of it.

– Fan


And in response, Yuju gave the fan an explanation that was both uplifting and clever.

God must’ve worked hard making your face and thought it was so perfect that he finished it off with a period.

– Yuju

Not only did Yuju remind the fan that she’s beautiful, but she even offered her a sweet reason as to why she was born the way she was.


She even finished off her comforting words with a reassurance.

I’m sure you’re beautiful.

– Yuju

Although the response wasn’t long, it was still perfect in all the right ways in the way that it urged the fan to have confidence.

Other fans who saw this comment responded with praise such as “That’s so touching“, “She can only express it like that because she’s beautiful at heart“, and “I’d be convinced if I heard that.

Yuju is absolutely beautiful inside and out.

Source: Insight