GFRIEND’s Choreography Practice Was So Intense, One Member Begged Her Dentist To Pull Her Teeth Out For Time Off

She did what?!

GFRIEND is known for having knife-like choreography with flawless synchronization. However, their incredible performances come with a price.

Their extensive practice was particularly exhausting during “Rough” era. The long hours of practicing precise moves began to take its toll on the members.

To be honest, it was a hard time for us mentally.

— Umji

Yuju, however, divulged a secret from this time that she’s never said on camera before. Getting up in the morning became so difficult due to dreading practice that she began to wonder if getting her teeth taken out would give her time off.

She didn’t need anything removed, but she pleaded with her dentist.

I went to the dentist and begged them to remove my wisdom teeth that hadn’t even come out yet.

— Yuju

Yuju says her mom was devastated to hear of the lengths her daughter would go to in order to have a rest from practice.

My mom found out and she was heartbroken to hear her kid was trying to take out perfectly good teeth.

— Yuju

She says that all of the members suffered as a result of this hard time, not just herself.

At least they can all tell the story with a smile now as they reflect on how their hard work during this era granted them their first music show win — and they went on to win 15 more!

Watch their full explanation below!