When GFRIEND’s Yuju Dropped Her Full “Speechless” Cover SinB Turned Up To Prove Her Status As Yuju’s #1 Fan

SinB was all about hyping Yuju up!

From the moment GFRIEND‘s Yuju teased us all with a short cover of Naomi Scott‘s “Speechless” from Disney‘s Aladdin, we’ve all be eagerly awaiting the moment when she would release the full version!

On March 30, all the waiting was rewarded when Yuju dropped her stunning full cover of the song.

While Buddy celebrated finally getting to hear the amazing cover in its entirety, they weren’t the only ones!

Of course, Yuju’s no. 1 fan couldn’t resist celebrating big too! Shortly after it was uploaded online, SinB was spotted over on Weverse showering Yuju with lots and lots and lots of love! And considering her long history of hyping up Yuju and totally fangirling over her smooth vocals, Buddy weren’t at all surprised to see her!

SinB, however, wasn’t the only GFRIEND member who couldn’t contain their feels when listening to Yuju! In response to a fan’s post, Umji joined SinB in sending lots of love to Yuju while sharing exactly how the cover made her feel!

Seeing both SinB and Umji hyping Yuju up, Buddy have were left feeling extra soft…

And is it any wonder why? So sweet! Now excuse us while we listen to Yuju’s “Speechless” cover a few (thousand+) more times!