GFRIEND’s Yuju Set Up A Hidden Camera Just To Troll Umji And Catch It All On Tape

Yuju couldn’t resist the opportunity to troll Umji:

Hidden cameras are a classic prank option that allows the prankster to capture their whole entire trolling experience on tape and GFRIEND‘s Yuju couldn’t resist using the classic method to troll Umji hard!

GFRIEND recently took BUDDY behind-the-scenes of their second week of Labyrinth promotions where they shared some sweet backstage moments as well as celebrated their music show wins with fans.

And with the cameras rolling in the waiting room, Yuju saw the perfect opportunity to pull a prank on Umji! After making sure the camera was perfectly placed and wasn’t too obvious, Yuju put her plan into action as she waved her hands toward Umji to catch her attention.

With Umji’s focus now on her, Yuju was able to put the next step of her plan into action. As Umji made her way over to find out what her unnie wanted to tell her, Yuju pulled a big reversal and teased that her hand waving wasn’t to call Umji over at all!

Umji? I’m telling you to go away! Leave ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

— Yuju

With poor Umji walking right into her trap, Yuju couldn’t resist teasing the maknae just a little bit more for doing just that!

Umji! Why did you come here? I was asking you to leave! Didn’t you know?

— Yuju

You can watch Yuju’s hidden camera prank unfold for yourself below: