GFRIEND’s Yuju Replied To A Fan On Weverse And Fans Are Cracking Up

Let us explain the Korean pun to you!

GFRIEND‘s Yuju is known for her stunning vocals and visuals but did you know that she’s an amazing comedian? While all the members of the group may tickle your funnybone, Yuju in particular made Korean fans crack up with her play on words in a recent fan reply.

The fan was one from overseas, named Almendra. She had uploaded a photo of a well-made cardigan she personally knitted, with the caption, “Yuju unnie! I just finished knitting ^^. I hope to be able to make something for you.


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Yuju replied, making sure to include a Korean pun.

Wow! Almendra totally has golden hands (makes things well)!! Amazing. The full name I’ve decided upon for you is Almendra Who Makes Things Well

— Yuju

While the pun may be lost on those who do not speak Korean, “Almendra Who Makes Things Well” reads as “Almendra cham jalmendra” in Korean. The rhyme Yuju made on Almendra’s name was glaringly funny to Korean fans who commented that Yuju was definitely a hidden comedian!

GFRIEND never fails to make fans laugh!

Source: theqoo