GFRIEND’s double speed dancing is even more amazing with their new song

GFRIEND‘s double-speed dance to “Fingertip” on Weekly Idol is blowing fans’ minds for their flawless execution of the already fast-paced choreography.

GFRIEND recently guest starred on the 293rd episode of MBC‘s variety show Weekly Idol where they took on the show’s famous speed dancing challenge with their new song, “Fingertip”. GFRIEND are also well-known for doing the choreography to “Rough” at 2x speed on a previous episode of Weekly Idol.

During this segment, groups with intricate choreographies tend to make mistakes or can’t keep up with the faster version of the song, which often leads to hilarious and memorable moments. GFRIEND however, despite having to perform the complex choreography for “Fingertip” showed an unprecedented mastery of their choreography and dance skills, resulting in a performance with no mistakes! All of the group’s members, especially SinB, seemed to enjoy dancing at twice the normal speed!

Check our their stellar performance below:


GFRIEND’s new single “Fingertip” was released on YouTube on March 5.

Check out the official music video below: