GFRIEND’s SinB receives a beer from a fan and her reaction is priceless

After recently becoming old enough to drink, SinB was given beer by a fan and what she did afterward will knock you off your feet.

SinB and Umji of GFriend recently graduated from high school and officially became adults. At a fan meeting in Daegu, SinB was given a keg of Heineken beer and was extremely surprised. After the fan moved onto the next member, SinB lifted up the tab to check what it was. After seeing that it really was beer, the member looked up at her fans and gave a cheeky smirk.

SinB inspects the mini-keg in surprise to make sure it’s real.
When she looked under the lid, she couldn’t help but smirk about the gift.
She looks pretty pleased with her gift.
SinB excitedly inspects the mini-keg a little more closely.

Having recently turned 19, the legal drinking age in Korea, alcohol has been regularly finding its way into conversations with SinB. She recently appeared on KBS’ Hello Counselor where she talked about her first time drinking alcohol.

SinB’s natural and hilarious reactions are just one of many reasons the GFRIEND singer is so popular. She has shown time and time again that she really is the queen of cute reactions.


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