A Creepy Ghost Lurking In A Dark Parking Lot Turned Out To Be Actress Gong Hyo Jin

“Ms. Gong Hyo Jin, what are you doing back there?” – Netizen

A ghost sighting was recently shared in an online community and it gave netizens the creeps.

The poster, Mr. A explained that he parked his car in a parking lot one night when he witnessed a hazy figure looking his way.

In hopes that he was mistaken, Mr. A zoomed in on the figure with his camera, and upon confirming that it was indeed a woman, he freaked out.

But luckily, it was all a misunderstanding.

What he thought was a ghost turned out to be “Gong Hyo Jin!”

Behind the wall of the parking lot was a delivery truck, and on it was a photo of the actress herself.


Although it just turned out to be a photo of Gong Hyo Jin, netizens agree that it’s beyond creepy.

  • I bet he was so scared though.
  • Ms. Gong Hyo Jin, what are you doing back there?
  • That’s hilarious and scary at the same time.
  • This man must have a strong heart.
  • That actually looks like a ghost!


Source: Insight