Ghost Theory For NCT DREAM’s “My First And Last” Has Fans Revisiting The Music Video For Answers

It’s making fans see the MV in a whole new light.

NCT DREAM‘s 2017 single “My First and Last” is widely regarded among the fandom as one of their best songs for its musical quality, complex choreography, and colorful (yet questionable) music video concept. In the video, 6 members of NCT DREAM (Jaemin was on hiatus during this time) are caught in a one-sided love for their teacher. But this new fan theory has us all rewatching the video looking for answers!

Chenle, Renjun, Jisung, Jeno, Haechan, and Mark. | @SMTOWNGLOBAL/Twitter

A fan on Twitter posted an anonymous message asking about a potential theory behind the music video that may explain why the young members of NCT DREAM were chasing after an older woman.

is it true that mfal mv is about dream become ghost or something and went back to the school and seeing their first love is now a teacher???

— Anonymous

The theory spread quickly throughout fans of the group and led people straight to the music video in order to see whether the theory holds up. The comment section for the music video is now filled with fans from all around the world talking about the “ghost theory!”

| SMTOWN/YouTube

There are quite a few things that this theory clears up about the music video. First of all, it would make the members’ affection for an older woman a lot more appropriate (though definitely sadder).

| SMTOWN/YouTube 

The vintage-style clothing worn by the members has also been pointed out as a potential indicator that they are playing ghosts wearing clothes from before they passed.

| SMTOWN/YouTube 

This dance move in the beginning of the choreography also has gained a new potential meaning: the move imitates a heart beating, which at first signified falling in love but could now mean they’re coming back to life!

| SMTOWN/YouTube 

Fans are expanding upon the theory to include some of NCT DREAM’s other songs, such as “Bye My First” and “Love Again,” collectively referred to as the “first love trilogy.” Some are even making video edits that take the bright, colorful MV and add a darker twist on it.

In the end, there’s no way of knowing for sure whether the theory holds up — unless someone manages to ask one of the members or production team for the music video. But with SM Entertainment‘s focus on storytelling and continuity, who knows! Check out the music video below and see whether the fan theory works out.

Source: YouTube and Twitter