(G)I-DLE Bicker About Who Is Always The Most Late, Proving They Have The Most Chaotic Sibling Vibes

Everyone was in it for themselves 😂

When (G)I-DLE was asked which member is always the first one to be ready in the morning and which is the last, things quickly descended into chaos.

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From the start, pretty much everyone voted for themselves as the person who is always ready first (except for Miyeon, who voted for Yuqi). But when Shuhua dared to vote for herself, the members were hilariously shocked. Miyeon and Minnie quickly shut her down, saying, “It’s not you, Shuhua.”

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Soyeon ended up declaring that the first people to be ready were usually Minnie, Yuqi, and herself, hilariously leaving the back row out despite Shuhua’s insistence that it was her. Shuhua tried to make her case saying that she’s first person to be ready when it comes to non-work related schedules…which led Yuqi to hilariously tease her by saying, “Oh, you’re intentionally late for work then?”

Later on, Yuqi tried to claim that they all tended to be late, but this only sparked even more chaotic bickering. The members argued so much that they were unable to decide on who is always the first to be ready.

But when they were asked who was always the last to be ready… they didn’t hesitate to point out Shuhua, who has never been on time according to Soyeon. Shuhua once again had to explain herself, saying, “It’s because for work, I wake up and get ready 10 minutes before getting picked up.” Yuqi hilariously hit back with, “Sounds like you should wake up earlier.”

(G)I-DLE’s intensely chaotic bickering is not only amusing to watch, but it also proves that the members really have a close sibling bond. And unfortunately for the group’s maknae Shuhua, the older members never hesitate to hilariously expose her! You can read further about how (G)I-DLE exposed Shuhua for ghosting them on the link below.

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If you’d like to watch the full clip you can do so here.