(G)I-DLE’s Miyeon Blessed Us All With A Hint Of Summer While Going Through Her Travel Album

Sharing past photos from her travel album, she gave us a taste of summertime:

For many of us, winter has officially ended to be replaced by springtime. But (G)I-DLE‘s Miyeon just skipped spring and has blessed us all a taste of summer in her latest Instagram post.

On March 22, Miyeon posted a series of photos to (G)I-DLE’s Instagram page along with the caption, “Traveling through my photo album…

While the photos are from a past vacation, the pics have been taking fans all around the world on a brand new trip!

Miyeon left everyone feeling absolutely breathless with her natural beauty and flawless visuals shining just as bright as the sun on the sea.

Speaking of the sea, with sunny beachside photos…

She brought a slice of summer fun to everyone!

Add in a few delicious market snapshots…

And Miyeon took everyone on a vacation right from home!

Although it may have just become spring, Miyeon’s photos have already given everyone a taste of summertime!