(G)I-DLE’s Soojin Had The Entire Fandom Going Wild With Her New Blue Hair

Blue never looked so good!

Neverland have often imagined what (G)I-DLE‘s Soojin would look like with blue hair. In fact, some fans even made a few edits to test out the color! Now, however, fans no longer have to wonder about it because she just debuted a brand new royal blue look.

Since (G)I-DLE made their comeback at the beginning of April, Soojin has been rocking a striking bright blonde look and while fans loved it, they’re falling head over heels for the new blue!

Fans got their first look at the bold new shade when Soojin was spotted heading out for a schedule. The moment Neverland caught sight of the new look, they couldn’t help sharing and pretty soon everyone’s timeline was being taken over by the lovely Soojin and her new style.

With Soojin totally rocking the new color, it’s no surprise she left a path of devastation in her wake as she stole everyone’s breath and had fans falling even harder for her!

Hours after the photos first made their appearance, fans were just starting to catch their breath when Soojin came in with a second attack by going live to chat with Neverland and showcasing some more of her gorgeous visuals complete with her new true blue locks!

Understandably, with all the photos and the livestream, Neverland are continuing to go wild for Soojin’s new look…

And can hardly wait to see even more of it!

Royal blue never looked so good!