(G)I-DLE Yuqi’s ELF Reflexes Were So Quick She Was Able To Identify Super Junior’s Song Faster Than Shindong

Before Shindong had taken a few steps, Yuqi was already dancing along:

As a big fan of Super Junior, whenever (G)I-DLE‘s Yuqi hears one of their songs she reacts like any ELF would and busts out the moves to whatever song is playing. Her ELF reflexes are so fast that she once even left Shindong in the dust when she heard “Mr. Simple” during an after-show segment of Knowing Brothers.

Competing in a random dance competition designed to test their knowledge of K-Pop choreography, Yuqi, Shuhua, Soojin went head-to-head against Jang Sung Kyu, Shindong, and Jeong Sewoon.

Starting off with Chungha‘s “Roller Coaster”, Shindong amazed everyone with his energetic rendition of the choreography and ended up taking the first point in the game for his team.

Although Shindong may have been quick to snag the first point, when the song switched to Super Junior’s “Mr. Simple” neither he nor his team stood a chance against Yuqi!

As soon as the first few notes of the song began playing, Yuqi immediately ran straight to the dance floor and began busting out the moves before Shindong had even taken a few steps forward!

When Shindong made it to the front, he began dancing right alongside her but Yuqi’s moves simply couldn’t be beaten!

In fact, as Yuqi continued dancing Shindong was amazed at her flawless execution of all the moves and even commented that Yuqi knew the choreography better than he did!

Unsurprisingly, Yuqi won the point for her team and proved that she’s a huge ELF! But this isn’t actually the first time that Yuqi has proven the fact in front of Super Junior! In fact, Yuqi once proved she’s the biggest ELF around by beating Yesung in a Super Junior dance-off!

But with her lightning-fast reaction to “Mr. Simple” and her flawless execution of all the moves this time around, there’s really no doubt that Yuqi is a certified ELF!