(G)I-DLE’s Minnie Casts A Spell On “Queendom” Viewers With Her Thai Remix

She was a mysterious beauty!

In the latest episode of Queendom, (G)I-DLE performed a remix version of their hit song “LATATA”. Revamped a complete mystique, this version of “LATATA” was especially chilling…


… with member Minnie‘s full Thai intro segment! Fans are now entirely mind blown by her breathtaking aura that is clearly unrivaled in K-Pop.


As soon as the song began to play, and the lights on stage dimmed to an eerie darkness, viewers could tell something amazing was about to happen…


… and that’s when Minnie began whispering in Thai, casting a spell on the audience.


Look how deeply mesmerized the house – and even her competitors on the show – became:


Minnie continued to enchant the stage with her wicked gorgeousness.


Fans instantly became hooked on the remix version, especially for this killer intro!


(G)I-DLE fans are celebrating the group’s successful performance, which ended up winning the first round of the show!

Watch the full performance here: