(G)I-DLE’s Minnie Ranks Her Members From Most To Least Difficult To Please

She didn’t hold back.

(G)I-DLE recently appeared on Street Alcohol Fighter, hosted by Super Junior‘s Heechul, to promote their upcoming single, “Nxde.” The show focuses on Heechul meeting different celebrities and interviewing them while drinking.

(G)I-DLE entering to meet Heechul on Street Alcohol Fighter | 스튜디오 훜 : STUDIO HOOK/YouTube

The girls quickly took over the show with humor, high energy, and blunt attitudes. They even agreed to a no holds barred game of truth wherein they would be brutally honest and rank all the members and Heechul according to any category.

Minnie went first, and after Yuqi‘s insistence, Miyeon asked her to rank everyone according to how difficult they were to please, even though she suspected she would be ranked first in the group.

First, Minnie chose Heechul for no apparent reason other than to protect the image of her members.

Then Miyeon’s worst nightmare came true when Minnie put her as 2nd! She cutely threw a tantrum, demanding an explanation, further justifying Minnie’s decision.

Yuqi went 3rd, allegedly because she was pretentious, to which Heechul and Soyeon agreed.

Minnie then honestly put herself as 4th.

Shuhua went 5th, even though she was always cute to her older members being the maknae or youngest group member.

Lastly, in 6th place was their leader Soyeon. The game ended with Miyeon having to drink as punishment after saying whoever Minnie ranked 2nd would lose the game, accidentally targeting herself.

Neverlands are looking forward to the second episode!

Watch (G)I-DLE on Street Alcohol Fighter with Heechul below. They begin the ranking game at the 13:00 mark.


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