(G)I-DLE’s Nightmarish Performance On “Queendom” Is Perfect For The Spooky Season

They’re the new K-Pop horror queens!

When Queendom released the video of (G)I-DLE‘s latest “Put It Straight” (Nightmare Ver.) performance on Mnet’s YouTube channel, K-Pop fans were completely shook. The super spooky vibe from the performance was more than enough to send crazy chills down the viewers’ spines!


In this “nightmare” remix of (G)I-DLE’s song, the members looked straight out of a Halloween movie.


Soojin, who built anticipation for this very stage with her short preview clip that went viral, absolutely slayed — along with her teammates.


From Soyeon‘s chilling introduction that gave everyone watching major goosebumps…


… to Minnie‘s breathtaking stare into the viewers’ souls…


… (G)I-DLE was 200% nightmarish, shifting everyone into that Horror Halloween kind of mood!


The performance left viewers thoroughly satisfied; K-Pop fans are now praising (G)I-DLE for always stepping up to challenge themselves with unique concepts like this one and for nailing it every single time.


Watch the full performance here: