(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua Has An Unshakeable Will That Yields To No One, And She’s Been Like That Since Childhood

Not even her family can stop her from chasing her dreams.

(G)I-DLE‘s Shuhua is known for her ethereal visuals, overwhelming charisma, and savage personality, but underneath the glamour is a heart that goes straight for what she wants, no matter what lies in her way. With such an unshakeable will, it’s no surprise that Shuhua didn’t let anything stop her from achieving her dreams, not even her family.

When Shuhua first auditioned to be a K-Pop star, she didn’t tell her parents until after she had been accepted. In fact, she didn’t tell them until the day before she left for Korea!

아는형님 Knowingbros/YouTube

The main reason was that her parents weren’t supportive of her dream to be an artist, especially overseas.

In the midst of her storytelling, Shuhua called her parents kkondaes, the Korean equivalent of the term “boomer.” It roughly translates to “a condescending older person,” but because Shuhua is Chinese, she didn’t quite understand the meaning of this recent Korean slang word, mistaking it for something along the lines of “someone who has a strict mindset.”

This sent the rest of the classroom into an uproar of laughter, though Shuhua was unsure of her mistake.

Still, she kept pushing forward with her story and shared another incident where she didn’t tell her parents about a big decision until the last minute.

When I was in high school, I was supposed to go to an ordinary school. But, I wanted to go to an art school … [Applied to school without telling her family] They didn’t know. They knew the day before the admission!

— Shuhua

Despite always telling her parents last minute (and after the fact) about her decisions, Shuhua’s parents always let her do what she wants, proving that while they perhaps weren’t the most supportive of her dreams in the beginning, they’re as supportive and loving as can be as she paves her own path.

Shuhua’s decision-making might seem a bit rebellious and reckless, but in reality, she’s just going for what she wants. No matter who or what opposes her, Shuhua is steadfast in her choices. No one can dictate her life but her, and she’ll stick through with her decisions with no regrets.

When I decide something … I just do what I make up my mind to.

— Shuhua

Shuhua always sticks to this principle, and her decision to dye her hair blonde for “Nxde” reflects this strong mindset. She was the one who chose to do so; no one pressured her or decided for her, and that’s what makes her decision to go blonde even more meaningful.

Shuhua lives her life the way she wants, giving her all for her dreams, and it’s truly an inspirational way to live. While we love the savage maknae side of her, we can’t wait to hear more about her wisdom and maturity.


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