(G)I-DLE Shuhua’s Honest Thoughts On Her Exhausting Schedule And Retirement From The Industry

The (G)I-DLE star openly discussed her feelings regarding her demanding schedule.

Shuhua,  member of the popular girl group (G)I-DLE who is currently on a hiatus, has openly discussed her feelings regarding her demanding schedule and her aspirations outside the entertainment industry. In a recent appearance on Kang Hyung Wook’s Dog Guest Show on YouTube, Shuhua talked about her hectic schedule and even retirement.

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During the show, Shuhua revealed her recent decision to move out of the shared dormitory with her (G)I-DLE members to live with her dogs, emphasizing her love and commitment to them.

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When asked about her interest in the pet industry, Shuhua responded with a laugh that she would run a pet business if she ever left the idol life.

Yes, if I ever get too tired of the entertainment industry. I have a dream for the future. I want to run a pet business. If I ever open a pet daycare, please come by.

— (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua

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As the conversation went on, the young star also touched upon the challenges of preparing for (G)I-DLE’s album releases, describing the process as “very tough.”

It’s very tough. There’s a schedule every day, and even after this shooting, there’s practice for the title track. The song [“Super Lady”] is as powerful, confident, and cool as its title suggests.

— (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua

She detailed her packed schedule, which includes daily commitments and rigorous practice sessions for their title track. Despite the exhaustion, she expressed pride in their music and encouraged fans, affectionately known as NEVERLANDs, to continue supporting their work.

Please love and enjoy our music a lot. I hope you keep listening even after our activities end. Our members have worked so hard…

— (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua

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Shuhua’s words come at a very touching moment in her career, as she has been on hiatus since February 8. Cube Entertainment — the agency representing (G)I-DLE — announced that Shuhua would be pausing her activities due to dizziness, following medical advice for a period of rest.

This hiatus came amid the release of (G)I-DLE’s second full album 2 on January 29, which achieved remarkable first-week sales of 1.53 million copies. However, the celebrations were dampened as Shuhua — along with members Minnie and Yuqi — faced health issues, preventing their full participation in promotional activities.

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You can watch the full Kang Hyung Wook’s Dog Guest Show episode with Shuhua as a guest here:


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