(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua Is Absolutely Savage As She Introduces Her Members On “Knowing Bros”

Shuhua is the definition of maknae on top.

During (G)I-DLE‘s latest appearance on Knowing BrosShuhua was asked to introduce all the members. Given the show’s setup, Shuhua’s savage personality had free reign to wreak havoc and stir up laughter.

Shuhua first introduced Yuqi as someone who “needs a lot of love.”

| 아는형님 Knowingbros/YouTube

While she wasn’t outrightly savage, Yuqi took it upon herself to say Shuhua’s true thoughts out loud. Of course, she felt no shame in it, and it’s true that as long as you’re a celebrity, chances are, you like being the center of attention, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

I think I’m a bit of an attention freak!

— Yuqi

Shuhua then introduced Miyeon as “a princess who doesn’t have princess syndrome,” or in other words, a princess who isn’t a snob.

Miyeon is as pretty as a fairytale princess, and it’s part of her running gag to identify herself as a real-life princess. Princess syndrome can mean someone who’s arrogant and thinks they’re all that, but Miyeon is different because she’s “an actual princess.”

Someone’s a snob when someone pretends to be a princess, not when someone is actually a princess.

— Miyeon

Of course, no one could hold back their laughter at her confident claim, and once again, Miyeon’s “princess concept” brightened up everyone’s day.

Shuhua introduced Minnie as someone who wants to be the youngest. There was no sugarcoating her words this time, and Shuhua’s savage honesty made Minnie laugh.

She is a member who wants to be the youngest. Someone who wants to be a child.

— Shuhua

Minnie is a person who is full of aegyo and fanciful charm, giving off strong maknae vibes, and it’s probably because she’s the youngest in her family.

In fact, Minnie had wanted to be the maknae of the group when she was a trainee, but unfortunately, she debuted as part of the unnie (older sister) line.

 When I was a trainee, I hoped that I would be the youngest member of my team. But I ended up being the oldest.

— Minnie

Finally, Shuhua introduced Soyeon, and once again, she managed to be savage, despite praising Soyeon in the beginning.

I think she is so cool. She is very charismatic on stage. But, in everyday life, she’s a fool.

— Shuhua

Soyeon might have an overwhelming stage presence, but she’s a clumsy and kind person at heart.

Shuhua’s introductions prove how close she is with her members, and while she’s brutally honest, she also finds these traits of her members endearing. It’s just another day of Shuhua being the maknae on top, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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