Gifs Show Exactly Why Jimin Is The Perfect Leader For AOA

Despite being the eldest in AOA, Choa still makes mistakes sometimes, but thankfully Jimin is always there to help her out in any situation!

Jimin has proven many times why she’s the leader of AOA, and one of the biggest reasons is because the takes such good care of her group mates. She’s clearly very close with all of them, and unsurprisingly she’s the closest with Choa, who is only a year older than her.

Out of all the members of AOA, Jimin is often seen helping Choa the most when she needs it and always goes out of the way to take care of her.

Here are just a few times that Jimin was seen taking care of Choa!

Calming her down

During an interview, Choa was miming out a gag that was making her look silly, and Jimin stopped her before she could make a fool out of herself.

Switching headphones

On an episode of Weekly Idol, Jimin switched headphones with Choa so she could have her favorite color!

Helping her up

Jimin offered a helping hand so Choa could get up from off the floor.

Fixing her mic

Jimin fixed Choa’s mic when it wasn’t on properly.

Covering her cleavage

When Choa had to lean forward to look at the screen in front of her, Jimin lifted a piece of paper up so Choa’s cleavage wasn’t shown.