Girls’ Generation’s Yoona Reveals Which Of Her Stunning Red Carpet Dresses Is Her Favorite

Which red carpet look is your favorite?

No matter where she is or what’s she’s doing, Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona is always looking flawless! Although she looks gorgeous at every moment, many often take special notice of her stunning red carpet looks!

In her latest YouTube upload, Yoona reacted to several GIFs and memes of herself and, of course, the topic of her red carpet dresses came up.

Yoona was shown a picture of her looking incredibly beautiful in a puffy yellow dress and was asked, “What was your favorite red carpet?

For fans, picking one out of Yoona’s many lovely red carpet looks is a hard thing to do; however, Yoona was easily able to bring up the pink gown she wore to the 2012 KBS Drama Award show.

People talk a lot about it. During the KBS ‘Best Acting Awards,’ there’s a pink tube top dress. Like roses. With a lot of roses. I think people really liked that.

— Yoona

Though she brought up her lovely pink dress, it seems as though Yoona also can’t pick one as her favorite. Following her pink dress, Yoona mentioned the eye-catching white dress she wore to the Busan International Film Festival.

It has become an issue. At Busan International opening ceremony. I put on my white dress with bobbed hair. People talked a lot about it. I liked it.

— Yoona

Not wanting to leave out any other memorable looks, Yoona asked, “What else is there? what was memorable?” Luckily, Yoona’s stylist from behind the camera reminded her of her Blue Dragon Film Awards dress in 2019.

Oh, right. At the Blue Dragon Film Awards. Was it last year? Two years ago? Black dress. The back was open. I like the meme from that day. I looked back with side swept hairstyle.

— Yoona

Following her classic black dress, Yoona was again reminded of another great look!

Right, I love it. At the AAA awards (Asia Artist Awards award). With black velvet tight dress. The ribbon behind hangs loose down. I did my hair upstyle.

— Yoona

Surely SONEs can agree that no matter what Yoona does, her beauty is out of this world!

Check out Yoona’s video below:

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