Why Fans Of A Girl Group Were Left Sorely Disappointed Even Before Attending Their Fanmeeting

There were many complaints.

Imagine winning a chance to meet your favorite idol group, only to be disappointed?

This is exactly what the fans of the Japanese girl group, Rev. from DVL, felt in 2014 after they bought their debut single “LOVE-arigatou-.” Included in here were tickets to a “high-five party” that gave them the chance to attend a fanmeeting and see one member up close.

Despite winning a rare ticket to the handshake event, majority of them were not satisfied. Unlike most fanmeetings, the winners were only allowed to shake hands with or high-five one member of the group. Considering that there were 13 members in Rev. from DVL at the time, the chances of winning the ticket with their bias’ name written on it were slim.

Thus, problems arose due to the fact that most fans of Rev. from DVL had a certain member as their bias.

Compared to most J-Pop groups, the popularity disparity between every one of the girls versus their center was huge. The hype surrounding Rev. from DVL came from a single member: Kanna Hashimoto.

Kanna went viral in 2013 after a photo of herself performing at an event spread online. She was given the nicknames “Angelic Idol” and “Once in a Thousand Years Idol” due to her beauty and grace.

Unfortunately, given the nature of the fanmeeting, only a select few fans were able to meet her up close. Many let out their frustrations online, saying that they hated how “random” the ticket raffle was.

  • I bought the CD hoping to get a high-five ticket with Hashimoto… but it was random
  • If you bought one of these lottery tickets and didn’t get Hashimoto, I think you’d be angry.
  • Even at an AKB48 live show, you can get high-fives from everyone after the performance
  • How many freakin’ CDs do I have to buy to get a ticket with Hashimoto?!

Despite the outroar, the premise of the “high-five” party did not change.

To learn more about Kanna Hashimoto, read on below.

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Source: Japan Today

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