This Girl Group’s “Duality” Caught On Camera Is Completely Blowing The Fans’ Minds

So in sync and satisfying!

During their most recent fan meeting, Lovelyz members wowed their fans with a mind blowing level of duality. The short clip, catching this moment of true professionalism, is now going viral as “How To Be An Idol”!


In the video, Lovelyz members are spotted each doing their own things. While in formation to perform “Close To You” for the fans, they were waiting for the staff to start playing the song. The members look eager to perform, but it was taking the staff some time to get the music going…


… before the wrong song began to play. Lovelyz members continued to look distracted…


… but as soon as the music starts playing, they immediately fall into sync and start dancing to the song. In a split second, Lovelyz members go from cheeky and playful to professional and synchronized. Fans are mind blown by how the members can snap into “idol-mode” so quickly!


Even their facial expressions change in the blink of an eye. The members go from silly to serious business as soon as they hear the music – and the internet can’t handle the duality of these girls!


Lovelys looked fantastic, in their matching denim outfits, showing off the choreography for “Close To You”. Fans had a great time watching the girls perform and interacting with them too.

Watch the full version here, starting at the 9:15 mark: