A Female Idol Is Reportedly Being Bullied By Fellow Members For Having The Most Success

The insider revealed that the girl group is still active to this day.

On a recent episode of Channel A‘s Heard It Through the Grapevine, industry insiders shared stories of bullying within current and past idol groups.

According to one of the insiders, a male idol, Mr. A, told her a story about the time he entered a girl group’s waiting room and witnessed the leader punching another member in the stomach for making a mistake in the choreography.

Mr. A was so shocked by what he witnessed that he closed the door and left before reporting it to her.

On the same topic, another insider shared a story about a boy group that has already disbanded.

The insider explained that one of the members was so much more popular than the rest, and although most of the members accepted it, one of the members couldn’t.

In the end, that member argued with the manager as to why only one of the members received all of the attention and the group disbanded as a result.

But the story that gained the most attention was told by an insider who is currently a reporter.

The insider shared that the girl group has one member who gained the most attention from the public as well as the agency since they debuted.

As a result, the other members are reportedly jealous, which has led to the other members outcasting the most popular member.

What particularly shocked the panel was the revelation that the girl group is still active to this day as well as the insider’s opinion that the bullying can be evident at times.

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