The Girl Group That Had The Shortest Career Ever In The History Of K-Pop

A record-breaking career span, but not in a good way.

While debuting as a K-pop idol might be a dream for many, only a few get to experience it in reality. But what’s worse than never getting a chance to live your dream? Probably getting so close to it and then having to give it up- something that actually happened to girl group SOLIA.

SOLIA | @solia_official_/Instagram

SOLIA was a five-member group consisting of members Soyeon, Sori, Suna, Hayeon, and Eunbi. The group was under the label Space Music Entertainment. and they debuted on August 17, 2021, with the single “Dream.”

But only five days later, on August 22, their company announced that SOLIA was going to disband. Through a post on the group’s official Instagram account, Space Music Entertainment explained the group’s planned activities in the future did not align with the paths each member wanted to pursue. So, after a mutual discussion, the disbandment decision was taken.

As the group with the record-breaking shortest career in K-Pop, SOLIA gained the sympathy of many K-Pop fans on the internet.

While the official Instagram post asked people to support the members’ individual journeys, none of the members have updated their social media feeds, apart from Soyeon, who has a YouTube channel.