These Girl Groups Take The Longest Breaks In Between Comebacks

Their fans always clamor for more.

Some girl groups make comebacks upwards of three times a year. Others, however, can take hundreds of days. Netizens have since compiled a list of the average days in between releases for girl groups.

While TWICE leads the pack of most comebacks with only 120 days or four months between comebacks, Berry Good has the most number of days in between releases at 279 days.

These are the top 10 girl groups that take the longest to make a comeback.

Berry Good (279 days)

Apink (237 days)

Gugudan (237 days)

BLACKPINK (228 days)

AOA (217 days)

MOMOLAND (210 days)

MAMAMOO (192 days)

DIA (184 days)

LABOUM (168 days)

CLC (165 days)

Check out the full list below:

Source: Reddit