Girlfriend of Kim Joo Hyuk Talks About How She Handled His Sudden Death

“I still miss him.”

Actress Lee Yoo Young revealed her feelings about the death of her boyfriend, actor Kim Joo Hyuk, for the first time in public.


On March 13, Lee Yoo Young was in attendance for the press conference of her upcoming film, Marionette.


While taking questions about the movie, a member of the press asked Lee Yoo Young how she was doing since her boyfriend passed away.

“This may be a sensitive question, but I have a question for Lee Yoo Young. Your boyfriend passed away in an accident…what have you been doing since that time?” — Reporter


After a long pause, Lee Yoo Young shared how she felt about the situation.

I still miss him. He would always encourage me warmly, so I think he would like to see me doing well anywhere I go. With that in mind, I’m trying to work hard and continue my career as an actress.” — Lee Yoo Young


Taking a deep breath, Lee Yoo Young then shared with the media how she spent her time, and her future plans.

“Also, I spent a lot of time home alone. I felt like I should start working so I started looking at different projects. I’m promoting my new movie and learning French for my next drama, which has been keeping me busy.” — Lee Yoo Young


Watch the segment in full below:


Source: Sports Today, My Daily and Instiz