Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Gushes Over What An Amazing And Supportive Friend BLACKPINK’s Rosé Is

“I am only thankful and sorry for this friend.”

Girl’s Day Hyeri recently wrapped up on her popular K-Drama My Roommate Is a Gumiho and in a recent interview, Hyeri took the time to thanks those who supported her.

For one, Hyeri of course thanked her boyfriend and actor Ryu Jun Yeol for his support throughout her filming.

I feel very thankful for him for watching every episode, without missing a single one. He’s always super supportive and understanding. He always makes me feel respected, and I’m very grateful for it.

— Hyeri

Of course, her fellow members also cheered her on! While the drama was airing, Hyeri revealed her members were the ones who commented on her drama the most: “I think the Girl’s Day members are the ones who sent me the most messages.

One other close friend of Hyeri who showed her support for Hyeri and her drama was none other than BLACKPINK‘s Rosé! Hyeri took a second to praise Rosé for being an overall amazing friend! Hyeri expressed that Rosé is a friend who’s a great listener and accepts everything.

I am only thankful and sorry for this friend. While filming a drama, even though I am an older sister, I often complain to Rosé, but she is a friend who accepts everything well.

— Hyeri


To encourage her friend and surprise her for her birthday, Rosé actually went to visit Hyeri on set with some lovely flowers!

It was my birthday a while ago, and as a surprise, he even came to the local site to congratulate me.

— Hyeri

The two definitely have a precious friendship and we love to see two stars supporting each other!

Source: Sports Seoul