Girl’s Day Hyeri’s “New Year, New Me” Weight Loss Planning Is Actually Relatable AF

Hyeri is us. We are Hyeri.

In a recent vlog, Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri was spotted talking about how she has gained 5 kilograms (around 11 pounds) since the end of her most recent K-Drama Miss Lee appearance.


Hyeri explained, “I can actually feel where I’ve gained weight because I can feel my new blobs rubbing against each other,” and that already had a good 90% of the viewers relating. We’ve all felt that before, right?


And though she looks healthy and beautiful nonetheless…

I’m kind of cute though… no?

— Hyeri


… Hyeri declared in the vlog that she is going to embark on a weight loss adventure…


starting Monday.

Well, today I had the Amazing Saturday shoot. I had to eat. And then it’s the weekend… and… well, I need to rest on the weekend. So starting Monday…!

— Hyeri


And the way Hyeri casually pushed the plan to next week left viewers cracking up. Here’s another average-human-Hyeri moment of her trying to hype herself up to keep her word to actually start on Monday:

Seriously! SERIOUSLY! I’m going to stop eating after today and start on Monday!

— Hyeri


By the dawn of the dreaded Monday she promised to start working out, she found herself trotting to the gym.


And man oh man, never have we ever felt anything harder than that “I got to go work out now” frown on Hyeri ‘s face!

Workout begins!

— Hyeri


All in all, for those looking for a weight loss challenge, Hyeri is trying to lose 3 kilograms (6 pounds) by February 1, 2020. Let her be the motivation to hit the gym today!

Watch the full clip here:

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