Girl’s Day Sojin Vents About The Hardships Of Transitioning From Idol To Actress

Sojin is an idol of 10 years trying to make it as an actress.

On a recent episode of tvN‘s On & Off, Girl’s Day‘s Sojin gave viewers a sneak peek of her life and opened up about the hardships of being an idol trying to make it as an actress.



On the show, Sojin proved her financial responsibility by demonstrating how she sells the items that she doesn’t use on a second-hand exchange website.

And after making a successful sale, Sojin met up with with a fellow actress friend, Lee Min Ji and enjoyed a scooter ride together.

But what gained particular attention was the honest heart-to-heart she had with her friend about the hardships of her life as an actress.

Sojin shared that she finished the overall reading for her new project, but rather than a feeling of accomplishment, Sojin worried about what she would do next.

Once I’m finished with this, my year will be over. I have to hurry up and start auditioning again.

– Sojin

And Lee Min Ji was surprised by this.

Since you’re doing a drama now, doesn’t that mean you don’t have to worry about auditioning for the time being?

– Lee Min Ji

In response, Sojin opened up about her worries of being forgotten and why she has to work extra hard.

If I just stay still and don’t go to any auditions, I don’t think people will cast me as an actress.

– Sojin

And when Lee Min Ji asked if it had anything to do with her image as an idol, Sojin confessed that it did and shared how many people react when they find out that she’s an actress.

When I tell people I act, they’re surprised.

– Sojin

According to Lee Min Ji, Sojin has worked a lot in acting in contrast to what many people think.

You’ve done a lot compared to what peopel think. You did a play, and you even filmed an independent movie.

– Lee Min Ji

But Sojin is determined to work even harder.

Once I made up my mind to act, I devoted myself to it for 2 years. I have to act lots quickly if I want to catch up to other actors my age.

– Sojin

Sojin debuted as a Girl’s Day member back in 2010 and recently changed her path to acting and engaged in all sorts of projects ever since.

Let’s hope Sojin’s career as an actress takes off!

Source: Insight

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