Girls’ Generation Lost It When Yuri Suggested A New Dance Move For “FOREVER 1”

All of them had to laugh ๐Ÿ˜‚

Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri proved she has the best sense of humor when suggesting a few dance moves for “FOREVER 1” that made everyone crack up.

Yuri | @yulyulk/Instagram

On the show MMTG, Hyoyeon pointed out that the key point for the lyrics, “When I think about you, it makes me strong,” is muscle. That’s why the members lift their arms during that part of the choreography.

Hyoyeon revealed there were other options for the dance move, including a suggestion from Yuri they encouraged her to show.

Earning laughter from her members and the MC Jae Jae, Yuri posed like a bodybuilder flexing their muscles.

Making sure not to neglect the muscles on her back, Yuri turned around and posed. Everyone laughed harder. Though Sunny praised Yuri’s comedic skill, even she wondered how it would’ve been possible on stage.

How could I do that while singing? She’s too good.

— Sunny

One thing’s for sure. If Girls’ Generation had gone along with Yuri’s suggestion, it would’ve been just as funny.

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