Girls’ Generation’s “I Got A Boy” Was A Shocking Song To Taeyeon—Here’s Why

“I Got a Boy” is a song that never gets old.

Girls’ Generation‘s talented leader Taeyeon recently graced our eyes with her gorgeous pictorial for Vogue Korea! Along with the stunning photos, Taeyeon also did an interesting interview.

During her interview, Taeyeon discussed her recent comeback with “The Weekend” and also took a look back at her career as an idol throughnout the years.

When asked to reflect back on things, Taeyeon shared that she’s recently listened to “I Got a Boy” and revealed how she found its sound to be ahead of its time.

Q: Is there an old album that you go back to and listen to?

Recently, I listened to ‘I Got a Boy’ again. The reason is because I wondered, ‘Was it that weird?’ (laughs). But it’s still uniquw though. This song looked ahead the future trend. There are a lot of inconstant songs these days. At the time, the song was a shock to me.

— Taeyeon

Girls’ Generation “I Got a Boy”| @SMTOWN/Twitter

Taeyeon also thought back to their debut song “Into The New World” and commented on how she was wearing no makeup! Of course we can all agree she looked beautiful!

Q: Sometimes I (Vogue interviewer) listen to ”Into The New World.” Didn’t you have almost no-makeup on in the music video?

Not lying, I only had lip balm on that was a light shade of pink. Not even powder. At that time, we just focused on the ‘No makeup’ look and the energy. If I watch it now, I like it becaused I look young.

— Taeyeon

Taeyeon in “Into The New World” Music video | SMTOWN/YouTube

Taeyeon then mentioned how that was a time when she and the members were growing even closer than they already were.

It was a time when we were curious about and understood each other a lot.

— Taeyeon

Now that Girls’ Generation has accomplished so much as a team, the members have started focusing on their individual careers and Taeyeon explained she loves to see everyone thriving!

It’s lovely. It’s nice to watch the members cuddle from a distance. When I see them laughing and talking, I feel proud. ‘Yeah, well done. You have to come when they call. good. I’m thinking ‘this is it’. It’s been 10 years already.

— Taeyeon

Source: Vogue Korea

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