Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Goes Viral For Her Dedication To The Choreography Despite Her Tears

“…She reminds me of a baby crying during a talent show.”

Girl’s Generation recently performed at SM Town 2022, bringing the crowd to tears with their latest comeback, “Forever 1”. The song marked the group’s 15th anniversary and the first time that the members gathered as a full group to perform in 5 years.

Not only was the crowd moved by the performance, Hyoyeon herself couldn’t help but break out in tears. While the members ran to comfort her as soon as the song ended…

…the members stayed professional during the performance. Hyoyeon in particular, is going viral for her dedication to the choreography and song, despite her emotions. The humorous “muscle pose” choreography in particular, is making everyone giggle. The girls strike a pose during the line, “I get stronger thinking of you.

Girls’ Generation performing “Forever 1”. | theqoo

Hyoyeon stayed true to the dance move even though her face told a different story. She was barely able to hold back her tears.

Close up on Hyoyeon. | theqoo

She continued the rest of the dance with the same expression.

The moment went viral on community sites, with over 60,000 views on the post. Everyone found it both adorable and heart-wrenching at the same time.

Netizen reactions to Hyoyeon’s moment. | theqoo

  • “She’s so cute but it makes me cry.”
  • “Ppueng (sobbing) Kim Hyoyeon.”
  • “Hyonnie…”
  • “Cute. And Sooyoung in the midst of it all LOL”
  • “Cute… She reminds me of a baby crying during a talent show.”

What a total professional! She also subtly showed her love for SONEs by liking a post that showed the small area of SONE seats and lightsticks at the SM Town concert.

“The SONE seats that I saw from the Shawol seats. I was so overwhelmed during “Forever 1″ too.” | @hyoyeon_djhyo/Twitter


Source: theqoo

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