Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Details How SM Entertainment Decides Which Artists Go Solo

She breaks down the thought process behind solo vs. group promotions.

Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon recently made her solo comeback with “Picture” and has appeared on music programs, filmed behind-the-scenes content for Girls’ Generation’s official YouTube channel, and has guest starred on variety programs to promote her new music.

Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon | @hyoyeon_x_x/Instagram

The talented Girls’ Generation member recently appeared on Gabee’s Rising Star, hosted by La Chica dance crew member Gabee.

During the episode, Hyoyeon opened up about how SM Entertainment decides which artists go solo and how they approach group promotions.

Gabee (left) and Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon (right) | Diva Gabee Girl/YouTube

Gabee asked about the process of an artist going solo and wondered if it was a request easily accepted by the company whenever a group member approaches them with the desire to release solo work.

Hyoyeon revealed that releasing an album is a large financial investment, as expected, but the investment is surprisingly about equal whether it’s for a group comeback or solo promotions.

While it’s nearly the same financial investment, Hyoyeon shared that group comebacks are more profitable for the company, so she understands when SM Entertainment prioritizes group activities.

To make her solo activities more appealing to the company, Hyoyeon revealed that she needs to book many events or she won’t be profitable.

Whether an artist goes solo depends on how profitable the artist’s promotions will be for SM Entertainment.

Hyoyeon revealed she works hard to make sure she repays the company for their loyalty to her, from her seven years as a trainee and 16+ years as a member of Girls’ Generation to supporting her activities as a solo artist.

She concluded that while SM Entertainment considers profitability when they decide whether an artist will go solo or focus on group promotions, she feels that the large company ultimately “respects the will and passion of the artist and [supports them].

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