Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Hilariously Forgets The Name Of These 3 Celebrities

Guess which 3!

Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon recently appeared on an episode of MMTG to celebrate the 14th anniversary of Girls’ Generation. During the segment, she was quizzed on the names of various celebrities. Her humorous personality shined through when she failed to name a few of them!

First up, Kim Go Eun. The famous actress appeared in many works including the iconic Goblin.

Hyoyeon knew who she was…just not her name. Claiming that Kim Go Eun looked like a “Su Jin”, she hedged a guess only to be told she was wrong.

Next, the famous Minari actress, Yoon Yeo Jung! Fortunately, Hyoyeon got her name right this time…

…er, halfway that is. Hyoyeon named Jo Yeo Jung instead, who’s famous for her role in Parasite. An honest mistake, given that both movies were widely popular in America.

Lastly, she was quizzed on SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan. Although she was unable to name him, she got the group right, and even praised SEVENTEEN for being witty and funny.

As a bonus, they quizzed her on Scarlett Johanssen, who recently starred in Black Widow. While Hyoyeon got it right, she was full of doubt of herself and claimed she could “only think of Scarlett Johanssen” without knowing that was the right answer.

Her slightly ditzy charm captivated the audience with many commenting positively about her appearance and how funny she was. Catch the full episode below.

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