Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Pranked Yuri When They First Met

“But it was so scary, though.”

The members of Girls’ Generation love to joke around with each other, so much that Hyoyeon played a prank on Yuri as soon as they met.

Hyoyeon and Yuri.

As Yuri and Hyoyeon thought of their first impressions of each other, one memory stuck out in particular.

When they met, Hyoyeon made an unusual request. She said, “I pranked her to take off her shoes to enter the training room.

Because Hyoyeon noticed that the new trainees “were full of awkwardness and tension,” she wanted to lighten the mood to break the ice.

To make sure it was received as the funny moment it was, Hyoyeon and Yuri both agreed it hadn’t been “territorial behavior.

Looking back on how she felt at the time, Yuri laughingly admitted, “But it was so scary, though.

In her own way, Hyoyeon was already looking out for Yuri right from the start by trying to make her feel comfortable. Check out Yuri and Hyoyeon recalling the funny childhood memory here.

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