Girl’s Generation’s Taeyeon Touches Fans’ Hearts With Her Kind Actions Towards TWICE

What a kind senior!

TWICE‘s Sana and Dahyun recently appeared on Amazing Saturday, where Girl’s Generation‘s Taeyeon is a regular cast. Taeyeon’s act of kind consideration towards her juniors didn’t go unnoticed as fans began expressing their gratitude towards her.

On the show, each guest and cast member usually prepares a notepad where they can write down the message they wish to promote. When someone gets the answer closest to the correct one on the quiz show, they will be rewarded with a close-up shot. Most of the time, guests choose to write down what they are here to promote, such as in Dahyun’s case, where she wrote “TWICE will comeback on June 9 with ‘Alcohol Free’.

When Park Na Rae had unexpectedly won the close-up, she had not prepared any note as she hadn’t won in a long time.

Amusingly, she decided to steal Taeyeon’s instead.

Fans were touched when they realized that Taeyeon had written, “Unnie likes the Teudoongies a lot.Teudoongie is a nickname for the TWICE members. Not only did she write a touching note for TWICE, she was also considerate enough to cover her name for Park Na Rae to pass the note off as her own.

Taeyeon had originally signed off with “Taengoo unnie“.

Sana and Dahyun were absolutely delighted at the gesture!

Fans have thanked Taeyeon for taking care of her juniors so well and in turn, have promoted her upcoming solo as well. Queens supporting queens, we love to see it!

Source: pann