Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Was “Chased” By An SM Entertainment Staff Member — But For A Good Reason

YoonA had the best reaction to the story.

GirlsGeneration‘s Sooyoung may be one of the biggest stars in K-Pop, but that didn’t stop one manager from failing to recognize her in a memorable new clip, leaving Sooyoung extremely amused.

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung | @sooyoungchoi/Instagram

After a long year full of hard work and exciting accomplishments (including Girls’ Generation’s long-awaited comeback), Sooyoung collected plenty of must-see footage that didn’t make it into her officially released content. To remedy this, she released a compilation of clips filmed throughout 2022 to give fans an even closer look at her day-to-day life.

Much of it was simply the more calm and wholesome moments in her day, such as sunny mornings spent with the dogs…

| the sootory/YouTube

…but much of it showed the hard reality of her endless work days.

Thankfully, the comeback gave her some time to have fun with her members in between shooting.

But one funny moment came when Sooyoung arrived at the venue where SMTOWN LIVE 2022 was held. As she entered the venue, a staff member noticed her. Failing to recognize and possibly mistaking her for a fan, he quickly ran up to check her identity.

Sooyoung couldn’t help laughing at the incident and told her staff and her members about it as soon as she got to her dressing room. YoonA hilariously added that she should have done her signature hair flip to prove her identity.

Fans were no less amused by the situation than Sooyoung…

And as for the staff member’s identity, netizens pointed out that he is actually the manager of NCT‘s Sungchan and Shotaro.

NCT’s Shotaro (left) and Sungchan (right) | @nct/Instagram

While it’s funny that he failed to recognize Sooyoung, fans actually find the reason why very encouraging. Seeing as NCT has often faced many serious situations involving sasaengs, netizens are happy to see that this manager was doing his job well and protecting his artists!

Watch the full clip on Sooyoung’s YouTube channel right here.

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