Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Reacts To *That* Infamous “Party” Rehearsal Fancam & It’s Still The Funniest Thing

According to Sooyoung, there was a member even sloppier than her that day…

Even if you’re not a fan of Girls’ Generation, almost everyone has heard of Sooyoung‘s famous “Party” rehearsal fancam. Now, six years since it was recorded, the star reacted to the hilarious clip in a new episode of “TheSOOTORY” on YouTube.

Typically, before a multi-group concert event begins, each act performs a stage rehearsal before they get into their costumes. Such was the case back on July 27, 2015, when Girls’ Generation was performing at Music Core Ulsan.

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung (2015)

Since most fans don’t see these rehearsals, there’s no need for idols to give the performances their all. However, Sooyoung took rehearsal apathy to the next level that day, resulting in a fancam that would crack K-Pop fans up for years to come.

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In the clip, which now has over 5 million views on YouTube, Sooyoung can be seen wearing a tightly laced hoodie, slouchy jeans, and dark sunglasses, and the level of effort she puts into the performance screams, “Go girl, give us nothing!” Unbeknownst to Sooyoung, the whole thing was being recorded, but SONEs couldn’t get enough of how much she was not here for it.

In a new episode of her YouTube show, Sooyoung reacted to the six-year-old video—along with fans’ comments on it. One fan remarked that viewers should look at Yuri too. Sure enough, Yuri looks just as hilariously “done” as Sooyoung was.

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Isn’t this video showing Yuri sloppier than me?” Sooyoung laughed while rewatching the clip. She went on to reveal that Yuri “really had a hangover that day.”

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Sooyoung went on to confess that she still has the gray hoodie she’s wearing in the video to this day. Even though she threw away a staggering seven boxes of old clothes just a few days ago, she couldn’t bear to part with the piece. “I don’t even wear that hoodie,” she explained, “but I can’t throw it away because of this video.”

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The fancam is so famous that even the other Girls’ Generation members have seen it. In a YouTube comment, Yuri asked who filmed the clip to begin with—leading Sooyoung to question the same thing. She revealed that people rarely filmed fancams of her during rehearsals, so she has no idea why they decided to that day. When she was informed that one of her own fans shot the clip, she joked to them, “You’ve got a problem.”

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Perhaps the craziest part of the whole ordeal is just how different Sooyoung looked in the actual performance later that day—all dressed up with her moves on point!

Hyoyeon also reacted to the fancam in a recent episode of 1theK‘s “IDPP.”

Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Reacts And Comments On Their Famous “Party” Rehersal

Source: the sootory 더수토리

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