Girls’ Generation Sooyoung’s Therapist Made A Statement About Her Mental Health And It Is A Reflection On The Cost Of Debuting At An Early Age

Fans praised her for speaking about it so casually.

As part of the promotions for their recent comeback, Girls’ Generation spent time together on Soshi TamTam, a reality program meant to prepare the group for their comeback!

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In one episode, Sooyoung and Yoona spend a day relaxing and head to a plant shop to garden and create their own mini garden. Despite a small moment of sadness when Sooyoung realizes she cannot smell the flowers after having COVID-19, the rest of their time is spent preparing their garden.

While planting flowers, Sooyoung makes the comment that their CEO told her to find a hobby completely unrelated to her job or work. The two discuss breadmaking and other hobbies before Yoona mentions that she started going on trips. She says that while she was booking her hotel and flight she was really shocked because of the price. She also said that it was the first time she had made a solo trip. 

Yoona: I think we all experienced that (solo trips) very late in life.
Sooyoung: Yeah, around 27, 28?
Yoona: I was 29.

After discussing this, Sooyoung says that her therapist has previously told her “it’s as if you’re stuck in time and you’re still a high schooler.” Yoona wholeheartedly agrees with the statement reiterating that they “are stuck in time

Both Yoona and Sooyoung debuted at young ages and missed out on experiencing many huge milestones throughout their late teens and early twenties. Prior to debuting with Girls’ Generation, Sooyoung was a member of a singing duo called Route 0 in 2002 in Japan at age 12. This group disbanded in 2003 and Sooyoung went back to SM Entertainment to debut in 2007 with Girls’ Generation.

Sooyoung (left) as a member of Route 0.

The negative effects of debuting at an early age have been recently discussed with the debut of several young idols including ENHYPEN‘s Ni-Ki, IVE‘s Leeso, and NewJeans‘s Hyein over the last few years.


IVE’s Leeso

NewJeans’s Hyein |

According to many experts, idols that debut in the entertainment industry early on have a higher risk of being deprived of psychological growth and maturity. This would include missing out on experiences like booking a trip on your own, something many people experience in their early 20s.

Debuting at such a young age usually means they miss out on such experiences. In the worst case, if they fail to succeed as celebrities, they are left with limited career options since they’ve most likely missed a significant portion of their education due to idol activities.

— Pop culture crtic Ha Jae Kun

Luckily, Sooyoung and the other members of Girls’ Generation are able to experience these types of things now and have the support of therapists for their mental health and dealing with fame. Many fans praised Sooyoung for her casual discussion of visiting a therapist as well.

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