Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Was Asked To Describe Her Makeup, And Her Answer Had Her Staff In Tears

Her sense of humor is top-notch!

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon made her solo comeback recently, and has served some iconic makeup looks that are seriously dreamy!

Taeyeon | SM Entertainment

She previously gained tons of attention for being able to pull off a unique unicorn type makeup flawlessly, and everyone couldn’t stop talking about how pretty she looked with it!

And now, in a recent behind-the-scenes video of her MV filming, Taeyeon was asked to describe her shimmery makeup look, and her answer had her entire staff erupting in laughter! As the staff filming her approached her in between scenes when she was resting, she first joked around, saying that at that moment, she wasn’t Taeyeon, but “Taengoo” (her nickname)!

The staff then noted how her makeup shimmered with different colors, and also pointed out how she had two pretty pearls stuck on to her eyes that emphasized the dream-like effect of the look even more!

I see various mysterious colors on your eyes…oh my! You even have two bubbles. So pretty.

Taeyeon then jokingly corrected her, insisting they were not bubbles but pimples!

They are pimples.


Her staff played along, commenting on how even her pimples are clear like her skin!

Are they pimples? Even her pimples are clear!

As expected, no one can beat Taeyeon’s sense of humor!

Watch the whole thing here!

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