Taeyeon And Irene Bonded Over The Strangest Thing They Have In Common

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon and Red Velvet’s Irene totally bonded over this one thing, helping to develop their sweet senior-junior relationship.

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon and Red Velvet‘s Irene have a good junior-senior relationship, and it turns out they bonded over a mutual hobby.


On an episode of Channel Taeyeon, Taeyeon asked everyone she encountered what they liked to do when they were alone. While other Red Velvet members answered drawing, or reading books, Irene answered “ironing”.


While Irene looked slightly embarrassed, she said she likes doing the ironing because she likes the smell of the clothes, and she also likes doing laundry.


When Taeyeon admitted that she loves the smell of fabric softener, Irene got super excited, because she loves it too! They had a “housewives” chat and Taeyeon said, “wow, I think we’re similar.


Taeyeon and Irene are often thought by netizens to have a similar look about them, both being extremely pretty, refined and soft spoken – but with endearingly dorky personalities.


And they often mirror each other in their posture or expressions, so it’s a popular opinion that they could pass as sisters. They even have similar-sounding laughs!


Even Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon got Irene and Taeyeon confused!


While Taeyeon certainly has a lot in common with Irene, she’s a friend to all the Red Velvet members. She spent time with them during the 2016 Seoul Music Awards when she turned up alone as a solo artist. Red Velvet stuck by her side the whole night, making sure she had company.


Earlier this year, Yeri revealed her closest friend in the industry was Taeyeon, and she often spends nights over at Taeyeon’s house.


And Taeyeon jokes around with her juniors often.


While the girls all get along well, it seems like Irene and Taeyeon have far more in common than a talent for performance!


Watch the full episode of Channel Taeyeon below: