You Need To Watch Taeyeon’s Special Parody of “SKY Castle” Right Now

You really need this in your life!

Taeyeon has brought together two amazing things, Taeyeon and the legendary K-Drama SKY Castle in her special parody of the show!


SKY Castle was one of those K-Dramas that kept you coming back week after week to see what would happen! It quickly was welcomed into the legendary K-Drama hall of fame with fans already prepping themselves to rewatch the series when it ended!


Now fans may also want to start binge-watching a new version of the show too! Taeyeon created SKY Castle like you’ve never seen it before…for the high stakes of going to Taeyeon’s concert!


Taking on all 5 roles, Taeyeon presents an alternate version that expresses the highly relatable topic of trying to get tickets to your favorite concert!


Fans can watch the intense drama play out with Taeyeon nailing every single role. In the clip, fans can expect to see Taeyeon question herself, act as her own fangirl, get into a physical fight with herself, and much more!


Originally a part of the VCR for Taeyeon’s S concert, Taeyeon surprised everyone with a high-quality version on her official Youtube channel complete with English subs! Now excuse us while we go watch it again!

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