Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon’s Waist Is So Small, Not A Single Skirt Will Fit Her Properly

No one makes skirts in Taeyeon’s size.

Taeyeon has been seen on multiple occasions with either clipped or noticeably tailored skirts.

Source: Instagram


This is because she has a waist that is so small that she has to alter her skirts before they fit her!


Most of her skirts have been folded and clipped from the back as a quick solution to her small size. Her tiny waist looks even tinier when wearing a fluffy blouse.


Netizens often refer to her waist as “ant waist” in Korean for its ant-like size.


Even for her stage outfit, she clipped her skirt from behind to make it fit.


Of course, shorts are no exception!


From the side, her waist looks even thinner!


Taeyeon is not just slim, however…


She also has some amazing abs!

Source: Instagram


A small waist with toned abs, what else could she ask for?


Taeyeon is truly a queen!

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