Girls’ Generation Tiffany Couldn’t Wish Sunny a Happy Birthday in Person, so She Did It Through Animal Crossing

They even took selfies together. In Animal Crossing.

Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany wished Sunny a happy birthday, but not in the traditional way.

Due to social distancing measures for the prevention of COVID-19, people are not able to see each other the way they used to.

But Tiffany didn’t let that stop her from wishing Sunny a happy birthday.


And the method she used?

Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing has been a popular game amongst quarantiners and Tiffany and Sunny seem to be no exceptions.

Tiffany recently shared selfies on her Instagram to wish her fellow member a happy birthday.

Happy birthday. I miss you.

– Tiffany

But what she also added were selfies she took with Sunny in Animal Crossing.

The only selfie me and Sunny have from 2020.

– Tiffany

She might not be able to see her fellow members in person since she lives abroad, but that doesn’t mean she can’t party it out virtually.

Props to them for the innovative new way of celebrating.

And happy birthday to Sunny!

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