Girls’ Generation’s Yuri And Hyoyeon Playfully Showered Taeyeon With Praise After Seeing Her Handstand Skills

They praised her in true sister fashion!

If you’ve ever attempted a handstand, you’ll know that they are not easy to pull off and require quite a bit of strength but Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon recently made it look like the easiest thing ever to which Hyoyeon and Yuri couldn’t help leaving some playful comments! 

​A few days ago, Taeyeon headed to her personal Instagram and shared a series of photos from her latest pilates session.

In the pics, Taeyeon showcased her strength and balance as she shared her perfect handstand pose!

Taeyeon’s post soon captured a lot of attention and left fans breathless.

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🙃 #이런건자랑하라고배웠어요

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Fans, however, weren’t the only ones blown away by Taeyeon’s handstand! Hyoyeon and Yuri were soon spotted under the post leaving her some comments.

And just like true sisters, Hyoyeon and Yuri showered her with lots of compliments while playfully teasing her just a bit!

The interaction has been warming lots of hearts and is it any wonder? So cute!

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