Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Exposes Herself And Her Legendary Lyric Humming Incident

She also exposes Taeyeon’s hilarious response to her mistake.

The legendary Girls’ Generation mistake has been explained on the most recent episode of Amazing Saturday.

Hyoyeon (left), Taeyeon (middle), Yuri (right) | @hyoyeon_x_x/Instagram

Girls’ Generation members Yuri and Hyoyeon made guest appearances on the latest episode of Amazing Saturday and as they usually do, they brought endless laughter onto the show. It was during their time on the variety program that the girls talked about Yuri’s famous on-stage mistake. The topic was brought up when Yuri began discussing how her and Hyoyeon are famous for not memorizing their lyrics.

“I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this, but Hyoyeon and I are the two who don’t memorize lyrics.” | tvN

The Girls’ Generation member further elaborated that it is not on purpose, but rather because the girl group has so many songs!

| tvN

It’s because Girls’ Generation has so many songs. There’s a lot of songs so instead of lyrical delivery, we perform with excitement and energy.

— Yuri

It was here where SHINee‘s Key, who is a fixed cast member of the show decided to poke fun at his label mate and bring up a legendary memory from the past regarding her lyric memorization.

SHINee’s Key | tvN

Key: There’s a legendary moment from the past.
Yuri: There was a legendary moment!
Key: No about you!
Yuri: About Me?
Key: Yeah it was a live performance

Upon Key’s mention of the past, the three Girls’ Generation members immediately knew what performance he was referring to and could not hold in their laughter!

Caption: “They all remember.” | tvN

The performance in question was back in Girls’ Generation’s earlier days when the group was performing their song “Honey” on Love Request. It was during their live performance that Yuri completely forgot her lyrics and instead of singing, hummed along to the melody of the song!

Photo of Yuri from the “Love Request” performance with the caption, “evidence.” | tvN

Key then hilariously reenacted the very moment that Yuri completely forget her lyrics.

| tvN

She was singing, ‘you’re right next to me, hum hum hum hum hum hum hum hum I don’t have any thoughts (lyrics from “Honey”).

— Key

While Yuri completely acknowledged her adorable mistake from the past, she explained something that made the situation even funnier.

| tvN

Me forgetting my lyrics isn’t the most important part. Taeyeon’s facial expression was captured because she was behind me.

— Yuri

She then shared with the studio that Taeyeon’s face was the most expressive she had ever seen.

“She had such a disgusted facial expression.” | tvN

The producers of Amazing Saturday showed the very capture that Yuri was talking about and shared it with the viewers of the program.

| tvN

After being exposed, Taeyeon chimed in by confessing the reason behind her funny expression.

“I thought I was hearing things.” | tvN

Yuri concluded the story by sharing she really didn’t have any thoughts in her head at the time of the performance, which aligned perfectly with the song’s lyrics.

| tvN

I really had zero thoughts in my mind.

— Yuri

The humor and chemistry between the Girls’ Generation members will never get old. You can check Yuri explaining the legendary moment down below.

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