Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Will Leave You Breathless With Elegant Photos From “1st Look Magazine”

Sooyoung looks so chic and elegant.

Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung looked chic and elegant in photos from First Look Magazine which was released on November 22. Known for her stunning fashion choices, Sooyoung was the perfect choice for this pictorial!

The photos show Sooyoung’s new holiday style, with a heavy concept of black and red.

She showed a variety of expressions, including a radiant smile that was almost brighter than the sun, to a more understated demure look that radiant chic charm.

Styled with glamorous accessories like mini bags and trendy shoes, she shows off her original style.

Sooyoung is currently working as an actress and will appear in OCN‘s Tell Me What You Saw as Cha Soo-young next year.

She also recently delighted fans with a vlog update that showed her packing for a trip, which left them in stitches as they relived the famous passport incident!


Source: wowkorea

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